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Our FAQ section is our most asked questions. We hope this answers any questions you have. If you have a question, don’t be shy!

Let us know what’s on your mind, send us an email at karl@karlthefog.coffee, or send us a message in the Contact Us section.

Q: When should I place my order?

A: Please place your order no later than Monday by 10 am to be certain that you can get your coffee either shipped that same week. Orders placed after might be pushed to the following week unless we have excess coffee roasted and can fill the order.

Q: When do you roast coffee?

A: We roast coffee Monday and/or Tuesday depending on the week’s orders.

Q: What is the best way to brew Karl The Fog Coffee?

A: Depending on your preference there are a few great ways to brew our coffee. We suggest visiting our articles on brewing to learn more about the Kalita Wave, Espresso, French Press, and Cold Brew methods of brewing coffee.

Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Once coffee leaves our roastery it typically takes no more than 5 days to arrive. You will receive a tracking code and notice that your order is being shipped. You can also track your package via our site here. Currently, we use USPS or UPS for our delivery based on your order or location.

Q: What exactly happens after ordering?

A: Once you place your order you will receive an order confirmation with an attached invoice. If for some reason you see something wrong with your order please contact us immediately. Once your order is processed and prepped for shipping you will receive another automated email with your tracking information.

Q: Where do you ship your coffee?

A: Currently we only ship our coffee inside the US. If you are interested in purchasing our coffee and are outside the US please contact us so we can explore other options for delivery.

Q: Why is pour-over method so good?

A: The pour-over method is great because it allows you to control every aspect of the brew. Time, grind size, water temperature, pouring technique, filter type all play into how your coffee tastes. Use the pour-over method to dial in your flavor and enjoy the process of making delicious coffee.

Q: What type of water should I brew with?

A: Water is one of the most important aspects of your coffee’s flavor. Heck, coffee is pretty much all water so it would make sense that if your water tastes good, your coffee will taste good. We prefer using filtered water or bottled water like Poland Spring. If you are brewing in a cafe or restaurant setting then you might want to consider a reverse osmosis (RO) system or at least a multi-stage filtration unit.

Q: When should I grind my coffee?

A: A good burr grinder, and grinding on demand are very underappreciated, but they are extremely important when going for that perfect extraction. The best thing you can do is to purchase a nice burr grinder or blade grinder like the SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder and grind only the coffee you need for one batch. Since coffee oxidizes when it comes in contact with oxygen, grinding it speeds up that process and causes staling. Grinding your coffee fresh will ensure proper extraction and maximum flavor. Visit our brewing guides for more in-depth information on how to brew the perfect cup.

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: We recommend you keep the coffee in the bag it came in, and store it in a cool, dry place like your cupboard. Coffee hates moisture so we’d suggest not putting it into the fridge or freezer as that can lead to condensation on the beans. We suggest getting an airtight coffee storage canister for coffee beans or grounds.

Q: Coffee Subscriptions; How do they work?

A: Our subscriptions are here to make your life easy. Just set one up and we will roast and ship your coffee on your desired schedule. When you sign up for any one of our subscriptions you will automatically save 10% on every bag and get reduced shipping.

Q: Can I control my subscriptions?

A: Absolutely. You have complete control over your subscriptions in your My Account section of our site. You can pause, adjust or even cancel a subscription at any time. Just locate the order and make your adjustments. Please note that all our subscriptions are set up to auto-charge your card each time you are scheduled to receive your coffee. Your orders will continue only until you cancel, which you may do at any time.

Q: Do I get points with my subscription?

A; Absolutely. You not only get points on your first purchase of the subscription, but every time an order generates in our system you get points.